Brexit Bombshell

                  When we leave the EU, there are two major threats that should concern us all. First, reigniting the horrific IRA terrorist war, where since the Good Friday Agreement, improvement in terrorist weaponry will inflict even greater damage than before, and every effort must be made that the open Irish border remains unchanged.

Second, worldwide currency speculators repeating the financial catastrophe of Black Wednesday. Remember George Soros, only next time, there are a greater number of currency speculators sharpening their knives, for the financial bonanza that Brexit presents.

Hard-line political Brexiteers are prepared to filibuster the talks and walk away, thereby automatically setting up a hard border between Eire and Northern Ireland, which is demanded of all EU members. The UK today, operates under these rules and therefor Brexiteers know full well, that claiming there will not be a hard border on the Northern Ireland side, (as if this absolves themselves), is dangerous deceitfulness beyond imagination.

Its frightening how many fanatical political brexiteers are prepared to suffer renewal of the IRA conflict, in order to achieve their aims. In wartime, such people are regarded as fifth columnists and taken out and shot  

There is no solution to the border problem other than remaining in the EU or the Customs Union. Just the single word border or inference to the word, or a gobbledygook solution, will unleash a terrorist backlash.

Walking away is undemocratic, deceitful and a sneaky move to force Brexit upon the nation, despite the unmistakable evidence that any vote on the terms, would be crushed by an overwhelming vote to remain in the EU. Brexiteers know this, hence the reason why leave politicians and their press strongly oppose a vote on the final deal. These people even want to prevent parliament voting on the final deal, which is a fanatical position in a democratic country.

These people laughingly claim that more people will vote to leave, yet strongly oppose allow the public to vote on the Brexit terms The representatives of over 65 million people overrides the handful of political Brexiteers and their less than two million margin over the remain vote.

 Over the past forty years, the EU has secured 60 profitable ‘advantageous’ additional export outlets and combined with the 27 EU membership tariff free trade, equals 87 export deals, worth over £200bn annually in export revenue.

Posing the question, who in their right mind will voluntarily surrender 87 highly profitable trade deals? Brexiteers are delusional in believing our ‘disgruntled’ export teams, from the tens of thousands of exporting firms, can recover forty years of dedicated arduous work in a short period of time, raising the question, are these people insane?

Eurosceptic claims that they only need to ‘copy and paste’ these 60 EU export agreements, which is utter nonsense. Not one of the 60 nations will allow the UK to just copy and paste the tough terms agreed with the might of the EU trade bloc, whereas, we, the UK will have to renegotiate with these nations for a fresh deal, which will not be so advantageous from a poor isolated economic and ‘desperate’ position that the UK will find itself in after Brexit.

As for our EU exports, if we incur BTO trade tariffs, we could be priced out of many markets in Europe costing hundreds of thousands of jobs. This is an undisputed economic fact Brexiteers arguments and points of view, stem from a very weak position, hence their sheer desperation in producing, so called ‘solutions’, that are deceptive and ridiculous. For example, they claim that the EU export more to us than we export to them, (inferring they, the EU, have more to lose) which is total rubbish, as the remaining 27 Nations lose one export outlet, worth a fraction of their total EU exports, while we lose 27 tariff free export outlets, plus of course, 60 other export nations, worth over £200bn in export revenue.

These are the facts that political Brexiteers seek to hide from the public and twist the truth to their advantage. Deceitfulness appears to come naturally to these people.

It is a fact that India and China believe imports damage their economies and long put in place documented procedures and customs official practises, to obstruct imports, and after Brexit, our weakened position will allow them to demand and get terms that are disadvantageous to the UK.

South American trade block demand return of the Falkland’s, Australia and New Zealand, have smaller economies than London, and the USA’s ‘America First’ position is not so advantageous as Brexiteers will have us all believe. Even Gibraltar will need to come under the ‘protectorate’ of Spain, to remain in the EU and save their economy.

It’s a possibility that Scotland could become independent and join the EU, aided by generous EU grants. Also, Northern Ireland could join a Mutual Economic Pact (EMP) with their neighbour, especially if there is a record breaking rise in interest rates.

When Donald Trump announced his support for UKIP’s Brexit, the alarm bells rang out, premeditating serious economic harm that his policies will inflict upon Britain, in or out of the EU. He is aware that once we leave the EU we will be isolated and desperate to recover loss export revenues giving him the upper hand to negotiate advantageous trade deals, detrimental to our interests.

President Trump thrives on controversy and closer dependency on the USA, in preference to the EU, is not a wise choice for the UK.

These are some of the possibilities that will arise after we leave the EU. Should interest rates escalate to defend Sterling, thousands of families will suffer negative equity, unprecedented in modern times. Naturally food prices will increase, motorways to and from our eastern seaports will become log jammed, creating traffic chaos in many cities, obstructing supplies to supermarkets and witnessing panic-buying in many stores.

When we leave, the world economic order will not be as stable as it was during the referendum, especially with the election of President Trump, whose knee jerk, off the cuff behaviour, is not conducive to economic stability and by the time Brexit negotiations are completed, Britain will find itself isolated in a floundering world of economic chaos.

Brexiteers brush aside currency speculators, because they do not have a single answer to prevent a second Black Wednesday, posing the question, why place the country in such a high-risk position and whose interests do they serve, it’s clearly not in the public interest.

Should the Pound crash and we go cap in hand to Donald Trump to come to the aid of Sterling, who is able to predict what terms will he demand in return, or will he wait for Sterling to crash, causing a massive rise in prices for our imports, thereby increasing the price of exports to the USA, with American First reaping the rewards.

Trump harbours a festering grudge against the British public, for opposing his visit and it will not be surprising if his Treasury unloads sterling during the financial crises, escalating the damage, rather than buying Sterling to save the Pound.

When the referendum result came in, it was clear that the workforce, especially in the North East, voted to keep out East European immigrants and nothing much else, and not the peculiar reasons spouted by political Brexiteers, who hijacked the result to serve their own policies, instead of supporting a policy curtailing EU immigration.

David Cameron should have returned to Brussels with the powerful Brexit/Article 50 card in his back pocket and secured a deal allowing the UK to control EU immigration and put a stop to free movement of people, until the poorer economies caught up with the most advance economies, such as the UK.

Have you noticed that Brexiteers, to a man and women, when someone oppose their views, they instinctively revert to insults, which reveals a lot about them, whereas Remainers do not insult Brexiteers and argue calmly, expressing their reasons why we need to stay in the EU. They never refer to them as “deceivers” and refrain from use of insulting language.

For my part I believe that political Brexiteers have a hidden agenda, that are even more suspect as they now oppose people having a vote on the terms or none terms proposed when negotiations come to an end. Brexiteers claim that they want to recover making their own laws, deceitfully overlooking that we make most of our own laws anyway, and any EU laws, we do not like, our MEP’s veto them, so deceivers, remain deceivers to the end.

As for getting back ‘control’, posing the question, control of what? They also claim that it’s a mere formality to replace all the lost exports in a brief period, which is not how trade deals are negotiated, again overlooking negotiating from a desperate ‘begging bowl’ which will be an isolate position that Britain will find itself in after Brexit.

Jeremy Corbyn was a hardened Brexiteer long before UKIP was extruded from whatever orifice it was squirted out from, and Corbyn failed the workforce, who clearly voted to leave because of immigration, whereas Corbyn failed to pursue a solution for this single problem. Unless he, Corbyn, changes tact, Teresa May’s task to secure a deal to remain in the Customs Union, remains in doubt.

His first duty now is to demand that Brussels modifies its unbalanced freedom of movement and if satisfactory to our workforce, we will withdraw Article 50 and return to sanity.

The EU has a major economic flaw with advance and less advance economies, where free movement of citizens allows ‘cheap labour’ and better social services, to emigrate to the more advanced economies and cause havoc on wage structures and freeze wage rises, and overburden social services, which must be corrected, until such time in the future that all the economies in the EU are more evenly balanced.

Perhaps the more serious cross-party MP’s will form a body to go to Brussels and secure an immigration deal, allowing the UK to prevent free movement of workers, other than people with ‘approved’ work contracts and prevent employers recruiting cheap labour, especially from Eastern Europe, returning with a programme that our workforce will agree and enable the government to withdraw Article 50. Should this occur then and only then, will we get out of this mess we find ourselves in.